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>From: address@hidden
>Organization: NOAA
>Keywords: 199912061901.MAA11025 McIDAS FSL profiler


>        I'm Hongming in WWB of NOAA. We have talked for long time about
>profiler data.

I am glad that you wrote.  Sunday night I found a problem with my
FSL wind profiler decoder, proftomd.  I was saving the file creation
date in an incorrect format (YYDDD instead of YYYDDD).  I corrected
the problem in the cdfsubs.c module and put out a new ldm-mcidas source
distribution (pub/ldm-mcidas/ldm-mcidas.tar.Z).  The creation date bug
will not affect use of the data files, but it will cause the output
from MDU LIST nnn to be incorrect in the CREATED field.

>Fortunately, Brian told me he met you at AMS meeting and
>also talked with you about it. It's great!

Even though we havn't talked about this before, I was wondering what you
were going to use to look at the data.  We have both ADDE and non-ADDE
routines in our McIDAS distribution that can plot time-height cross
sections from the profiler data in MDXX files.  Are you interested in thiese

>But I still have some problems about using LDM package.


>  * If we use the LDM package, where is data coming from? FSL or UNIDATA?

You would need to get FSL to allow you to feed data from them.  Given
their setup for distributing the profiler data to us, this should be
pretty easy.

>  * What's the format of profiler data, I know it's real-time data?
>    Is it in NETCDF format?

Yes.  The files you get by the LDM-to-LDM transfer should be exactly the
same as the ones you can get by FTP.

>  * Could we only select the profiler data? I know LDM sent so many
>    meteorological data.

Yes.  You configure your LDM to ask for exactly the data you want.  The
nice thing about the LDM setup is that you also configure it to do
something (anything you want, basically) upon receipt of a product.  This
means that you can have the LDM fire off the decoder automatically upon
receipt of the product.

The LDM is really quite simple to use, and it is very flexible.  I think that
once you try using it for this task, you will want to use it for others.


You are welcome.


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