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20000128: proftomd problem!

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: NOAA
>Keywords: 199912061901.MAA11025 McIDAS FSL profiler


>         I am trying to contact with you again. We have setup the LDM and
>run it normally, therefore we begin to get the profiler data now. But there
>is the error when I tried to run the proftomd command to decode the netcdf
>file. Could you give me any information?
>        The error is:
>                 Error opening routing table: No such file or directory
>                 Making ; may take some time...
>                 unable to open SCHEMA file: No such file or diectory
>                 unable to create MD file  .  Aborting!
>                 Exiting

The McIDAS schema file, SCHEMA, must exist in the directory in which
the output data file is to be written AND it must be readable.  The
commentary above "unable to open SCHEMA" is telling us that IF the file
is there, it is not readable by the person running proftomd.

The comment about the routing table is that proftomd couldn't find
ROUTE.SYS in the directory in which it is attempting to create the
output MD file.  This is not crutial since proftomd will continue
even though the routing table does not exist.

>        The command I used is:
>                 proftomd -v -l- -d . -f 0002814000100o U4 WPRO 70
>         Meanwhile I have soft-linked SCHEMA into the current directory.

Is it readable?

>I am sure U4 is for hourly data.

Again, setting the U4 WPRO 70 sequence will only have an effect if
ROUTE.SYS is in the output directory AND is readable AND writable.

>WPRO is SCHEMA. I don't know where is wrong.

Please check to see if SCHEMA can be read and let me know the results.


You are welcome.


>From address@hidden  Fri Jan 28 11:03:28 2000
>I found what was the reason for there problems. Like you said, I
>missed to direct the right directory of SCHEMA file though I soft-linked
>it. In addition, I didn't copy the route.sys in decode directory into the
>current directoy. After I corrected these two errors, I have decoded them

>Thanks so much for your kind helps in past one month. I
>appreciate it.


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