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19991006: ldm-mcidas nids2area causing a Solaris x86 page fault?

>From: Bryan Rockwood <address@hidden>
>Organization: Creighton
>Keywords: 199910042035.OAA02665 McIDAS LDM


>Well, just to be safe, we just recieved our free copy of Solaris 7 and I
>installed it.  Between the email I sent you and the upgrade, I had three
>more reboots.  Now, I am getting quite a few more Reclass statements
>then before!  It seems that the TCP in Solaris 7 is more sensitive to
>latency issues then 2.6 was.  I will watch this closely.  Maybe it is the
>nervous sys admin nature I have when upgrading an operating system, but it
>just struck me as odd since the reclass stuff seemed to last longer then
>other times.  Then again, maybe today was a bad network day.  Am I crazy
>or has anyone else mentioned anything like this?

I would bet on the network being bad.  The other possibility which may
be remote is that there is something wrong with your ethernet card, cabling,
or router.

re: using NIDS/NOWrad server
>Actually, I am doing both.  I configured the ADDE stuff for the NIDS and
>it went flawlessly (thanks to the great documentation, I might add!).  My
>only question is: the gui still relies on the SYSKEY and area files,

Unfortunately, correct.

>I tried to leave the ADDE stuff and not decode the NIDS to Area
>files, but then the GUI would not access the info.

Yup, the GUI still uses ALOOP which runs DF which reads AREA files.  I
really need to jump on this soon, but things keep coming address@hidden@#

>I am a command line
>nerd myself, so I didn't notice it, but others who rely on the GUI (those
>silly Microsoft dependent folks) complained the MCGUI interface would not
>bring up NIDS data.

The Fkey menu does.  The Fkey menu can be started from the GUI (Misc menu;
Function Key Menu option).  The Fkey menu was a whole lot easier to do
than the GUI, but the GUI is the direction I am heading.  I have made a
couple of updates to the Fkey menu to better support GRID display, but
I have not had a chance to get that into the distribution/update since
I have been on travel.

>Did I configure something incorrectly here, or is the
>gui just not ready for the ADDE NIDS stuff yet?

Not ready, I am sorry to admit.


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