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19991008: ldm-mcidas nids2area causing a Solaris x86 page fault?

>From: Bryan Rockwood <address@hidden>
>Organization: Creighton
>Keywords: 199910042035.OAA02665 McIDAS LDM


re: betting on bad network
>Well, low and behold, yesterday was a much better network day.  Pings to
>chinook where much more resonable (300ms-400ms) so most of the data made
>it.  I just hope that it can keep that momentum...

Even that is not great.

re: Fkey menu vs GUI
>For the time being, I will tell the folks around here to use the Fkey menu
>for NIDS only.  My only question is this: how do I enable the CNTRL key to
>access that part of the menu?  I am running KDE on linux, and I figure
>that it is a configuration issue, but have not really delved in too deep.

It must be a configuration issue since I use the Fkey menu on my RedHat
5.2 Linux box at home and on a RedHat 6.0 system here at work.  I am
using Fvwm2 at home and the new Gnome here at work.  The fkey menu works
for both with the exception of a couple of ALT-Fkey strokes.  I ran
into this just before heading to Madison earlier this week, and I have
not had time to figure out exactly what is going on.

>I am hoping that you have heard of a way to fix this.  I figure it is a
>setting, but because of new machines coming soon, midterms, and other such
>pressing matters, I have not had the time to really sit down and play.

Try sending a note out to the other Linux users out there:


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