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[IDV #YPG-126455]: Color Table

Greetings Vanessa!

> Hello,
> For a given color table, how can I go about setting 2 points within the
> color table where it is transparent in between?
> For example, if I had a color table with a range of -300 to +300, how can I
> make it just transparent between -150 and +150?

Try the following:

1) In the main map view window, right click on the color scale in the legend 
(right side of the window) and click "Edit Color Table". This will open the 
color table editor.

2) Right click anywhere in the the color scale and select "Add Breakpoint -> 
At Data Point" and then enter one of the bounds (say, -150)

3) Repeat the last step and enter the other bound (say, 150)

4) Next, click the box for "Transparency" (right most option for Paint Mode,
just under the color scale) and use the drop down box to select 100%.

5) Once you set the transparency to 100%, you'll probably see the last Break 
Point you selected turn into a back and white box in the color scale...this is 

6) Next, right click the triangle at the breakpoint that just turned into a 
and white box (i.e. transparent), and select "Edit Colors -> Transparency 
-> Left". Note, you may need to select "right" depending on which way the other 
breakpoint is located related to the one you selected.

Let me know if this works for you!



> Thanks!
> Vanessa V.
> --
> Vanessa Vincente
> M.S. Student
> Department of Atmospheric Science
> Colorado State University

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