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[IDV #PNW-510251]: NOAA Profiler Plots

> > Good morning,
> >
> > Has any progress been made on the CAP wind profiler plot items that were 
> > previously discussed a few months ago?
> >
> > Laura
> Hi Laura,
> Sorry for letting you wait for so long. Nothing changes since my last reply, 
> I will try to see if I can finish this after my current project.

Hi Laura,
     I got some changes checked in this afternoon, these changes should address 
most issues listed expect the last one.
> The to do list is below, and correct me if I missed anything.
> 1) When do you project the profiler station plots will be available?

It is available now. But somehow the projection is not ideal when loading the 
CAP data, you may need to zoom out a bit.
> 2) Has there been any progress on a better y-axis display as you mentioned in 
> a previous email? This was in reference to the option that allows the most 
> recent data to be located on the right side of the chart as opposed to the 
> left. When clicked, the height expands making the data appear to shrink into 
> a very small vertical layer.

This is fixed.

> 3) Have you had a chance to look into the vertical extent issue (see below 
> for reference)?

This is fixed.
> 4) I noticed that the wind barbs do not appear to not match the input data's 
> magnitude. See attached IDV-generated and MADIS-generated charts for 
> time/height wind barb plots on 9/26/2007 at 12-18 UTC. Note that IDV's 
> highest color range has been changed to 50 kts (red) and the chart shows ~30 
> kts (yellow) as highest wind speeds for this time period. However, the 
> problem lies in the wind barb icon itself - the yellow wind barbs have a 50 
> kt-flag and extra barb indicating wind speeds of ~60 kts instead. Double 
> checking the data using MADIS-generated charts shows that the IDV color 
> scheme is correct and the IDV wind barb icons are wrong. Can this be fixed?

I am still working on this one.
> 5) Is adding the option to choose the data's QC level still a consideration?

We are not going to do it without additional resource located.

> Yuan

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