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[IDV #OQR-230060]: Geography - Atmospheric Science

Hi Robbie,
Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. Your support request kind of 
slipped off our radar.

> Description of problem: I am trying to create a mean 250mb composite for wind 
> speed and streamlines over a number of timesteps for daily data in netcdf 
> format.  I first
> tried to use the averageovertime function on the U and V components, then 
> exporting each display as a .nc file to later add and use the data>
> grids> speed from 2 components(u,v) and/or the directional component 
> (streamlines). This resulted in 5 frames (the number of timesteps for
> this data) of the exact same speed contours as the first of the 5 timesteps 
> when wind speed was calculated for each individual time step. Using
> the process I followed it seems that the values of the intial timestep were 
> assigned to all timesteps. Maybe this is the purpose of the function.
> What function(s) could I use to correctly create the mean 250 mb composite of 
> a number of timesteps for .nc data with U and V components in
> seperate files?

Are you trying to get just one time step back that holds the average?
If so the averageOverTime routine should do that:
def averageOverTime(field,makeTimes=0):
    """Average the values in each time step                                     
    If makeTimes is true (1) then we return a field mapping all of the times    
    to the average. Else we just return the average """

If makeTimes == 1 then it will return a field with the same number of time 
steps but with the average values replicated for each time.


The averageovertime results in a field with the same number of time steps

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