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[IDV #QPH-229924]: level averages

Hi Hochli,

My apologies for letting this support request slip through the cracks.

> in an attempt to locate clouds I tried to average cloud water mixing
> ratio at severel levels. But apparently quantities at different levels
> could not be added or subtracted.This refers to data obtained by WRF
> procedures.  Grid tables show reasonable values and single values or
> time averages pose no problem for addition or averaging and displays,
> whereas obstinately,P(.997)-P(.553) = 0.  I was able to paste and copy
> grid values into matlab and do the additions. But there must be an
> easier way.

The attached plugin has the following formula that averages 2 fields using the 

The make2D call strips out the vertical dimension from the data and enables the
2 fields to be combined. When you evaluate the formula you would need to select
the correct levels when choosing the fields to apply this to.

If you wanted to average more than 2 levels you would need to do something like:
(make2D(level1)+make2D(level2) +make2D(level3))/3

This would have you choose 3 fields, each of which you need to choose the 
appropriate level.


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