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[IDV #WDE-900915]: Exporting isosurfaces

> Good day Boulder-ites!
And good day to you Brian!

> Brian E. of usercomm here... with an IDV question.
> In about a month, I am going to a conference where we will have this
> 'dome' theater.  I would love to show some iso-surfaces of hurricanes
> on this dome, but in order to do so, I need to get my netcdf output,
> viewed in IDV, to export an object.  At the moment, I find it easy to
> export an IDV bundle, or an image, but not a 3-D object / isosurface.
> Is there a capability in IDV to export such objects?  If so... that
> would be GREAT!

Sorry, we don't export any form of 3D. If its being projected onto the dome you 
could just export an image and project the image.

We have thought about exporting the 3D scene graph into Google Earth but it is 
non trivial and there are a number of real stumbling blocks.


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