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[RAMADDA #ZKJ-217366]: Adding RAMADDA URL to catalog menu

> OK, so I've got a couple of RAMADDA servers running locally 
> (http://funnel.sfsu.edu:8081 and http://virga.sfsu.edu:8080), both of which 
> provide access to IDD (and other) data on the local file system (the data 
> reside physically on virga, but funnel mounts the appropriate part of virga's 
> file system). Both servers now have a Local File View entry that provides 
> access to selected data directories. Now I want to enable the IDV to access 
> those data as a catalog.
> I tried copying the RAMADDA URL for the data directories (e.g., 
> http://funnel.sfsu.edu:8081/repository/entry/show/Top/SFSU+Data?entryid=f9799662-00fa-4398-8a06-5f00bf148476)
>  into the IDV's Data Choosers > Catalogs menu, but that produces an error 
> message that suggests that the IDV is trying to parse the address above as am 
> XML file, which it presumably isn't.
> So, how do I convert my RAMADDA data directory listing into an XML file and 
> then specify its RAMADDA URL, or otherwise add my RAMADDA data directory to 
> the IDV catalog listings?

The thredds catalog is just another view of the content. Go to the View menu 
and there should be a Catalog link. Copy that link into the IDV's catalog 
chooser box.


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Ticket ID: ZKJ-217366
Department: Support RAMADDA
Priority: Normal
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