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[IDV #INZ-654401]: How to have two-panes with data transect below

Hi Rich-

> I've got a map view pane, and I want to add my data transect pane below it.
> I can undock, but how do I create two panes, one on top and one on
> bottom, with my data transect on the bottom?
> http://coast-enviro.er.usgs.gov/models/share/2009-10-28_1634.png
> http://coast-enviro.er.usgs.gov/models/share/runoff.xidv

Ya know, sometimes there are things in the IDV that I don't even know you can 
do.  But, as I just found out, you can do this and it's way cool!

From the File->New->View Window->Component Group menu, select "One Column Grid".

Create your displays in that map view.

Above the View, there is a Group menu.  Select that and choose Properties.

In the Properties dialog, select the top level Group (Group:Group (gridbag)) 
and under Layout, select Vert Split, then Click the OK button.

Now, under the Group->Import Display menu, select the Cross Section Control 
from the appropriate View.  

That should place it below the map.  You can play around with the spacing using 
the vertical slider.

Right now, there is no way to get rid of all the decoration (menu, tabs, etc) 
around the cross section, but maybe this is a step in the right direction.  

You can change the layout through the properties dialog.

Don Murray

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