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[IDV #CIK-854203]: RE: [idvdevelopers] 20090714: Update to IDV 2.7u1


> Btw, fields from a barnes analysis are not CF-compliant when exported to
> using the new export to netCDF-facility...

This should be fixed in the latest nightly build.  For CF, the lat/long units 
need to be degrees_north and degrees_east.  We were just using the default 
units (deg).  I'll have to do some more testing on this, but if you find any 
weirdness with this fix, let me know.

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> Subject: RE: [idvdevelopers] 20090714: Update to IDV 2.7u1
> Hi Don,
> I discovered the latest build (nightly) is more sensitive to parameter
> names in csv-text files. Would it be possible to add aliases for those
> parameter names that are not CF-compliant semi-automically while loading
> a text point file?
> Btw, do you think it makes sense proposing myself for Unidata's Policy
> Committee or Users Committee for this year?
> Cheers, Tyn
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> Subject: [idvdevelopers] 20090714: Update to IDV 2.7u1
> Happy Bastille Day!
> The IDV 2.7u1 release has been recompiled and refreshed to be backward
> compatible with systems still running Java SE 5 (aka Java 1.5).   You
> can download the release at:
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/downloads/idv/2_7u1
> This is being done to support Mac OS-X users since the default version
> of Java on that platform is Java 5 and there is no Java SE 6 for older
> PPC systems.  For Intel based Macs, Java 6 is available at:
> http://support.apple.com/downloads/Java_for_Mac_OS_X_10_5_Update_4
> Unfortunately, Apple does not plan to support Java 6 on the older
> systems.
> This will be the last release to support Java SE 5.  Sun has announced
> that Java SE 5 support will end in October which means it will not
> provide updates (e.g. security fixes) after that date.  All the IDV
> installers have been including Java 6 since IDV 2.6 and Java 6 has been
> available on most platforms for over 2 1/2 years.  There are features of
> Java SE 6 that we would like to use to improve the capabilities of the
> IDV.  Also, the underlying netCDF-Java library will be using Java 6 for
> it's next release in September which will require us to move completely
> to Java 6.
> We understand that this will impact some IDV users.  Unfortunately,
> security concerns, reliance on other packages and new features in Java 6
> require that we move to the current version of Java.
> The IDV Developers.
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