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[LDM #GJS-316993]: Issue Ingesting NationalBlend Data on AWS Cloud Instance

> I'm unsure which ldm I need to uncomment the lines on. I'm confused because
> the upstream ldm is pulling from unidata, while the downstream is
> requesting from the upstream ldm server.

I'm going to preface this with the disclaimer that LDM with EDEX is a little 
bit different than "vanilla" LDM.  There are things such as EdexBridge that are 
unique to those environments and I'm just not familiar with those.  I don't 
think that's playing a role, at least not yet, but wanted to say it out loud.

You can think of the LDM as having two sides: data delivery and data actions.  
What you're doing with REQUEST, ALLOW, ACCEPT... those are all data delivery.  
EXEC PQACT is how you invoke data actions, or what happens AFTER the data has 
been delivered in.  So it seems to me that the delivery side is working, but 
not the actions.  As far as I am aware this is still true when using EDEX, 
nothing will happen to any received products if there are no PQACTs being 
invoked, that data will just sit in the PQ until it gets cycled out.  Note that 
your upstream LDM doesn't need to take any actions, all that data needs to do 
is exist in the PQ for the downstream LDM.

On the downstream LDM, if your request lines are producing the data you expect 
in the LDM's PQ but that data does not exist in EDEX, then it sounds like your 
data is not being acted upon.  Since those EXEC lines are still commented out 
that makes sense, since no actions are being taken.  If there is a reason why 
you need to keep those lines commented I don't know what that would be, but if 
there isn't then I would try my advice by adding that EXEC line I provided 
earlier and restart. I will add that this may be where you need to add the 
"EdexBridge" part, to the EXEC PQACT line more or less how you had it 
commented.  Side note: you can check if your pqact files are syntactically 
correct by issuing "ldmadmin pqactcheck" though it will not protect you against 
a badly formed RE pattern.

Please let me know if this still isn't making sense, sorry if I'm adding 
confusion here.

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