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re:20210521: upcoming change to the IDD FNEXRAD datastream - Correction

Hi again,

The MRMS additions to the FNEXRAD IDD feed will occur next
Wednesday, May 26.

Apologies for the typo!


Unidata User Support

Unidata User Support previously wrote:

Users of the FNEXRAD IDD feed:

Next Wednesday, May 19, the contents of the FNEXRAD feed will be enhanced
by the addition of approximately 140 Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor System
(MRMS) products.

Relevant information:

- NOAA/NSSL website

  Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor System (MRMS)

    GRIB2 IDs for MRMS data (updated for MRMS v12)

- Information on the products to be included in the FNEXRAD datastream
  can be found in:

  Unidata Homepage

    Data -> Radar Data -> National Mosaics

      FNEXRAD (FT13, NMC3)

- all but one of the MRMS products are in GRIB2 format

  The exception is the ProbSevere product which is in JSON.

- the volume of the MRMS products averages on the order of
  4 GB/hour with peaks up to 7 GB/hour

Please send all comments/questions to:



Unidata User Support