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[IDD #AIZ-345619]: LDM: pattern in ldmd.conf and pact.conf no longer works for CONDUIT??

Hi Christian,

> I am ingesting data using LDM, and one of the feed I use is CONDUIT. I
> have been using it for years.  I am running ldm 6.13.10.  However,
> recently suddenly, I do not receive any CONDUIT products anymore.
> Because of bandwidth limitations, I have a special CONDUIT regex request
> in ldmd.com.
> I also tested with notifyme that I can receive the feed properly.
> With notifyme:
> notifyme -f CONDUIT -vl log -h iddb.unidata.ucar.edu
> I receive among all others, for example this header:
> 20200715T121412.415671Z             notifyme[22262]
> notifyme.c:notifymeprog_5() INFO       40685 20200715102559.499768 CONDUIT 
> 283  data/nccf/com/gfs/prod/gfs.20200715/06/gfs.t06z.pgrb2.1p00.f237 
> !grib2/ncep/GFS/#000/202007150600F237/TMPK/700 hPa PRES! 000283
> In my ldmd.conf, for CONDUIT (yes there is a tab character between request
> and CONDUIT):
> request       CONDUIT
>  iddb.unidata.ucar.edu

OK, the first thing that I do to test extended regular expression(s) used
in LDM configuration file REQU$ST(s) and pattern-actoin file actions is use
'notifyme' to see if the REQUEST ERE will match anything in the feed.  For

notifyme -vl- -f CONDUIT -h iddb.unidata.ucar.edu -p 
 -o 3600

I just ran this from the 'ldm' account on my personal development machine 
where I am running LDM v6.13.11, and the pattern matches lots of products.

> In my pqact.conf (I have tabs after CONDUIT, and before & after FILE):
> CONDUIT         prod/gfs\.(........)/(..)/gfs.*pgrb2\.1p00\.f(.*) !grib2
> FILE    data/models/conduit/gfs/\1\2_\3_gfs.grib
> CONDUIT         prod/gfs\.(........)/(..)/gfs.*pgrb2\.1p00\.a.* !grib2
> FILE    data/models/conduit/gfs/\1_anl_gfs.grib

I just created the EXEC to run 'pqact' for CONDUIT products and an 
associated pattern-action file with these two actions as follows:


EXEC    "pqact -f CONDUIT  etc/pqact.conf_conduit"



CONDUIT prod/gfs\.(........)/(..)/gfs.*pgrb2\.1p00\.f(.*) !grib2
        FILE    /data/ldm/pub/models/conduit/gfs/\1\2_\3_gfs.grib
CONDUIT prod/gfs\.(........)/(..)/gfs.*pgrb2\.1p00\.a.* !grib2
        FILE    /data/ldm/pub/models/conduit/gfs/\1_anl_gfs.grib

I cranked up my LDM, and I see files being created:

ls -alt /data/ldm/pub/models/conduit/gfs/
total 6920
-rw-r--r-- 1 ldm Unidata 6983837 Jul 15 10:42 2020071512_081_gfs.grib
drwxr-xr-x 2 ldm Unidata    4096 Jul 15 10:42 .
drwxr-xr-x 3 ldm Unidata    4096 Jul 15 10:42 ..
-rw-r--r-- 1 ldm Unidata   88554 Jul 15 10:42 2020071512_006_gfs.grib

Given that my tests worked, I don't know what could be causing the problem
in your setup.  The only things that I can think of are:

1) there is a space along with a tab between CONDUIT and the ERE or before/after
   FILE(s) in your pattern-action file

2) your LDM configuration file and/or pattern-action file was/were edited
   with a Windows editor (e.g., notepad) so the file is not in a *NIX


Can you send relevant lines from your LDM log file (feed starting up
line and any errors)?

Can you run the 'notifyme' that I included above and send the first "few"
(say 30 or so) lines of output (please don't send a large listing as it
is not needed).

> But nothing gets through. I checked with ldmadmin watch -f CONDUIT and
> I get no headers. So it points out a problem in ldmd.conf, but I cannot
> figure it out, as I tried many variations in the regex. I also checked
> the regex and it is validated.

The output of the 'notifyme' command that I included above should affirm/
refute if you are receiving the products... I have seen instances where
an 'ldmadmin watch' doesn't show receipt of data while a 'notifyme' does
and visa versa.

> I am also trying to get the status but it does not work (no output or even
> directory created):
> In ldmd.conf:
> request         CONDUIT "status"        idd.ssec.wisc.edu
> In pqact.conf:
> CONDUIT         ^.status\.(.*) [0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]
> FILE    -close  data/models/conduit/status/\1
> Any ideas...? I am a bit clueless attm...

Lets figure out one problem before attacking the other...


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