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[LDM #SER-849220]: Request for adding new IPs to allowed LDM connection

Hi Gyorgyi,

re: what happened to your GOES16 feed?

> I don't know to be honest.
> I had Penn State's first next Unidata for the old DIFAX/Satellite channel.
> It just stopped getting those images, but nothing else has stopped.
> Then I switched the order and it started working.

OK.  Since the order of the REQUESTs in an LDM configuration file,
~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf, are not important, it must have been the case that
your feed returned after you stopped and restarted your LDM.

> Then I thought, oh maybe I had to ask Penn State for permissions to connect
> to the new IP.
> Then you said no, I shouldn't have to.
> So I switched it back to see and it works.

You were/are able to REQUEST from both Penn State and us because there
is both forward and reverse DNS for your new machines, and all of their
names resolve to the '.edu'.  If reverse DNS did not exist, or if the
names would resolve to something other than the '.edu' domain, your
feed REQUESTs would have been denied by the upstream LDM/IDD relays.

> Probably some network glitch between me and Penn State.

Since you say that you were/are REQUESTing the SATELLITE (aka DIFAX)
feed redundantly from Penn State and us (idd.unidata.ucar.edu), the
data should have been received.  It is my belief that the action you
took to stop and the restart your LDM(s) is what got data flowing again.


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