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[IDD #SET-184160]: GOES-W AREA Files

Hi Jim,

I hope that you are doing well!

Are you waiting on something from me?  Just trying to keep both of
our schedules/expectations on the same page...

Based on a comment you made to the effect that you want to be able
to remap GOES-16 imagery into GOES-13/GVAR navigation, I have been
working on implementing a procedure that you can use.  I have
not been working on the same for GOES-17 FullDisk remapping, because
I want to get the GOES-16 procedure up and working correctly first.

Comment and an ensuing question:

I've been playing around with manipulating values in GOES-13 AREA
files that expand the field of view for remapped GOES-16 imagery
into a full disk view.  I have attached a screen shot of the thermal
IR remap for you to see.

What I need to know is what WXP actually needs to be able to
display/visualize the remapped imagery.  For instance, is
it enough that the navigation in the remapped image is that of
a GOES-GVAR (e.g., GOES-13) image, or does it also need for
the image to present itself as a GOES-13 image?

An answer to the question above is needed since there are two
ways to use the McIDAS IMGREMAP command to remap into an output

1) a simple remap without updating the remapped image internals
   that reflect that it contains a GOES-R image

2) a remap that copies relevant source image values to the rmapped
   image (e.g., sensor source (this is the value that identifies
   what the satellite is), image date and time, band (wavelength

If the only thing needed is for the remapped image to have the
navigation from a GOES-GVAR image, then I can use the approach
in 2), and things are _much_ simpler.  If, on the other hand, WXP
needs to think that the image is from a GVAR satellite (e.g., GOES-13
or GOES-15), then a simple IMGREMAP needs to be used, and then
the IMGCHA command run to update the date and time in the image
to match that of the source.

I can provide two images in AREA format that reflect each of the
methods for doing the IMGREMAP for you to use in testing WXP's
display ability.  Please let me know if you would like me to make
these available for your testing!

Please let me know if what I wrote above does is not clear enough!


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