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[LDM #QKB-524831]: filenames

Hi Frank,

> I am trying to save model data as grib files.  I already make gempak
> files from this data, but I want the plain grib data too.  Am running
> LDM version 6.13.11.


> I tried both FILE and STDIOFILE in my pqact.conf.
> Here's a snippet:
> # model data
> # RUC
> HDS     (KWBG.*/mRUC)
>         PIPE    /home/gempak/GEMPAK7/os/linux64/bin/dcgrib2
>                 -d /disk1/data/logs/dcgrib2_RUC.log
>                 -e GEMTBL=/home/gempak/GEMPAK7/gempak/tables
>                 /disk1/data/model/ruc/YYYYMMDDHH_ruc211.gem
> #
> HDS     (KWBG.*/mRUC)
>         STDIOFILE       -close /data/ldm/grib/YYYYMMDDHH_ruc211.grib
> #
> The file is saved okay, but it's called literally YYYYMMDDHH_ruc211.grib

That is correct since the LDM does not use/recognize the YYYYMMDDHH syntax
that GEMPAK uses.

> For the gempak file, YYYYMMDDHH is replaced with the current date and time.
> What am I missing to get the date and time put into the grib file name?

Here are some example LDM/IDD Product IDs for the type of data that your
pattern-action file extended regular expression will match:

YFWA00 KWBG 291900 /mRUC2 !grib/ncep/RUC2/#236/202001291900/F000/PWAT/atmos 
YDWA98 KWBG 291900 /mRUC2 !grib/ncep/RUC2/#236/202001291900/F000/CICEP/sfc/ 
YUWA98 KWBG 291900 /mRUC2 !grib/ncep/RUC2/#236/202001291900/F000/UGRD/10 m 
above gnd/ 
YKWA98 KWBG 291900 /mRUC2 !grib/ncep/RUC2/#236/202001291900/F000/VIS/sfc/ 
YRWA99 KWBG 291900 /mRUC2 !grib/ncep/RUC2/#236/202001291900/F000/RH/1000 mb/ 
YAWA74 KWBG 291900 /mRUC2 !grib/ncep/RUC2/#236/202001291900/F000/HGT/cld top/ 
YUWA86 KWBG 291900 /mRUC2 !grib/ncep/RUC2/#236/202001291900/F000/UGRD/120-90 mb 
above gnd/ 
YWWA98 KWBG 291900 /mRUC2 !grib/ncep/RUC2/#236/202001291900/F000/CAPE/sfc/ 
YDWA98 KWBG 291900 /mRUC2 !grib/ncep/RUC2/#236/202001291900/F000/CFRZR/sfc/ 

As you can see, the date, time and forecast time are encoded into the
Product IDs, so it would be best to use those in your action.  There
are a variety of ways of using the information; here are two with
explanations for what they will do

HDS     /mRUC.*/(20........)
        FILE       -close /data/ldm/grib/\1_ruc211.grib

This will save all RUC2 GRIB messages for each YYYYMMDDHH into a
single file.

HDS     /mRUC.*/(20..........)/(F...)
        FILE       -close /data/ldm/grib/\1_\2_ruc211.grib

This will save all GRIB messages for each YYYYMMDDHH for a single forecast
hour into a a single file.

Now, the question is is either of these two actions is what you have
in mind, or if you want to, for instance, save each GRIB message into
its own .grib file?


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