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[IDD #QBL-783661]: split LDM REQUEST for CONDUIT feed


> 1) I did the make root-actions step and attached is the output you
> requested.
> 2) I think I might have things going correctly:
> Prior to Tom's message, I changed had changed the permissions for ldmd
> to match that in /home/ldm/ldm-6.12.6/bin (-rwsr-xr-x.) . Sorry.
> as oper> ldmadmin stop
> as ldm> rm runtime
> as ldm> ln -s ldm-6.13.11 runtime
> as oper> ldmadmin start
> as oper>ldmadmin watch
> The output appears more verbose than the output from 6.12.6
> I did not set the bit for hupsyslog
> [ldm@npserve2 ~]$ ls -l $HOME/ldm-6.13.11/bin | grep root
> -rwsr-xr--. 1 root sysgroup 324768 Aug 19 18:09 dvbs_multicast
> -rwsr-xr--. 1 root sysgroup  11460 Aug 19 18:09 hupsyslog
> -rwsr-xr-x. 1 root sysgroup  60033 Aug 19 18:09 ldmd
> -rwsr-xr--. 1 root sysgroup 407007 Aug 19 18:09 noaaportIngester
> [ldm@npserve2 ~]$ ls -l $HOME/ldm-6.12.6/bin | grep root
> -rwsr-xr-x. 1 root sysgroup  11239 May 18  2015 hupsyslog
> -rwsr-xr-x. 1 root sysgroup 111076 May 18  2015 ldmd

I wanted a long listing of the entire contents of the "bin/" directory. Would 
you please re-do the command but *not* pipe the output to a grep(1) for "root".

Steve Emmerson

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