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[IDD #WED-630974]: Back with another problem...

Hi Gerry,

> I just knew there was something I was forgetting...


In looking through the actions in the copy of pqact.conf that you sent,
I note that there are only 6 entries that are using the PIPE action
to send products to script; the rest of the actions are all FILE ones.

I think that the easiest way to figure out which of the PIPE actions
is causing the problems indicated in the ldmd.log file you sent is

- copy the PIPE actions into a new pattern-action file

- comment the PIPE actions in the existing pattern-action file

- add a new EXEC line in your LDM configuration file, ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf
  that executes the PIPE actions you copied to the new pattern-action

- restart your LDM

  You will need to do this since you are modifying the LDM configuration

After you have reduced the things to look at, and assuming that there will
still be errors generated from one or more actions in the new pattern-action
file, you can try commenting out individual and then sets of actions in
the new pattern-action file until you have narrowed down which one(s)
are causing the problems.


- it appears that you have exactly the same pattern in two actions but your
  comment lines seem to indicate that you think that they are different:

  Here are the actions that I am referring to:

### GOES-R/GOES-16
NOTHER  (TIRC..) (....) (......) (PA.)
        PIPE    -close  python /usr/local/ldm/scripts/chomp.py 

### GOES-17
NOTHER  (TIRC..) (....) (......) (PA.)
        PIPE    -close  python /usr/local/ldm/scripts/chomp.py 

As you can see, the extended regular expressions in these two actions are 
so the contents in the GOES16/... and GOES17/... directories will be identical.


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