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[IDD #KVV-573035]: Checkup of the idd-cc main node

Hi Marcial,

>> What was it (name in registry.xml), and what is it now?

> It was idd-cc.cenat not it is idd-cc.cenat.ac.cr which is the name at the
> DNS.

The only '.cr' machines showing up in our real-time stats listings
are noaaport.imn.ac.cr and idd-cc.cigefi.ucr.ac.cr.  Neither of these
match the name that you gave me, but the second name is close:


The difference is 'cenat' vs 'cigefi.ucr'.  Is there any chance that these
are the same machine?  I would guess not, but...

NB: I also listed the receipt of real-time stats on rtstats.unidata.ucar.edu,
and I only saw stats from noaaport.imn.ac.cr and idd-cc.cigefi.ucr.ac.cr.
This tells me that either your machine is reporting under the name
idd-cc.cigefi.ucr.ac.cr, or the real-time stats are not making their
way back to us.
>> Did you restart the LDM after making the change to the <hostname> entry
in the registry?

> Yes I did! Let me do it again just to be sure!

OK, I figured that you did remember to restart the LDM, but I
had to ask to make sure.

> Is there an specific port for the stats?

The same port as for other LDM transfers, port 388.

> I don't think there is, but in any
> case I will add a rule that allows explicitly all outgoing traffic.

Since we are still not getting any real-time stats, something
is apparently still amiss.


- does the LDM log file give any indication as to why the real-time
  stats are not being sent back?

  One possibility is that the machine on which the LDM is running
  is not able to resolve the IP address for the machine named 
  rtstats.unidata.ucar.edu.  If this is the case, you can alter
  the EXEC line for rtstats reporting and replace the machine
  name with its IP address,


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