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[IDD #RLQ-413776]: New main node for the IDD-CC

Hi Marcial,

> Today we had a presentation with the Met Service from Belize to show them
> the ldm, gempak and others. Unfortunately we had an Internet cutoff at UCR
> (which is rare) and hence no data flow was available during the
> presentation.

What about the LDM installation you did/are planning to do at CENAT?

> Of course this is unfortunate and I would not like this to
> happen again in the future.

Yes, it is always bad when a demonstration gets derailed by unexpected
network outages!

> How can we fix this? Can you include all the sites that we connect to the
> IDD-CC to the main data servers so that a backup is always available?

I am hesitant to allow direct access to our relays since our experience
is that end-users tend to bypass getting feeds from a relay when they
know that they can REQUEST the same feeds from machine(s) further
upstream.  In this kind of situation, the only way that we would have
of convincing the end-users to switch back to their primary feed sites
would be to revoke the ALLOW(s) that would have been setup for them.
While this is not hard, implementing monitoring to make sure that
the sites are not bypassing their immediate upstream relays is an
additional effort that we have not planned for.  On top of that, we
would be forced into a mode of having to contact the end-users and
their upstream feed site(s) to see what is really going on, so we
don't cut users off when they shouldn't be.

What happened to the relay that you were/are planning at CENAT?  I
thought that this relay instance was being established because of
excellent bandwidth and high availability...

> If that is possible please include the following sites:
>              Belize
>           Trinidad and Tobago

I would like to discuss this more before proceeding with adding new
allows for these AND future IDD-Caribe participants.


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