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[LDM #FGZ-978731]: LDM installation and configuration at USNA

Hi Alex,

> Can we chat again this afternoon around 1345 EDT (1145 MDT)? If not, what
> works for you?

Sorry I didn't respond quickly to this note.  Since I was at home, I decided
to work on an HOA project for an hour or so before heading into work.  I
am still at home now if you want to call before 12:45 MDT or so.

> I looked into the pqact.obsData file.  It looks like the regular expression
> pipes incoming metars to a metar decoder(metar2nc.new1.2) and then gives it
> a location to store the decoded data
> (/data/ldm/pub/decoded/netcdf/surface/metar).  Am I correct to this point?


> If so, there is no directory /data/ldm/pub/decoded.

This may indicate some sort of an implicit assumption in decoders like
metar2nc.new1.2 where it assumes that its current working directory is
~ldm and/or that there is a ~ldm/data (which would be a link to
/data/ldm/pub).  I'll need to look through those Perl decoders to see
if there is such an implicit assumption and figure the fix(es).

> ?I did try the following to see what was coming in through the DDS feed:
> notifyme -vl- -f DDS -o 60

Excellent!  Learning to use 'notifyme; is a major step in getting a good
handle on how the LDM works/is supposed to work!

> It looks like files with identifies that may match the regular expressions
> are coming in, so I would have expected that the pqact.obsData file should
> have handled them.

You are correct.

> It was over an hour since the ldm was restarted with
> the pqact.obsData executed, so that should have been sufficient time to get
> the hourly metar observations.

Yes, it should.  Again, I'll check through the Perl decoders like 
to see if there is some built-in assumption that is not true in your setup.

If you want to chat, I will still be at home for the next 40 minutes or so.


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