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[LDM #FGZ-978731]: LDM installation and configuration at USNA

Hi Alex,

> This all sounds great. Can we plan on 10:00 EDT on Thursday?  Would that
> give you enough to time get into the office?

I typically work from home until about 10 MT and then head into the office.
Given this, and especially if you are an early morning person, we could
start troubleshooting around 8 MT/10 ET while I'm still at home.  If
you would rather not do this, I can call you when I get into work.

> If not, lets plan on you
> calling me whenever you get into the office on Thursday.  My office is 410
> 293 6565.

OK.  Again, we could start earlier if you prefer (get this out of the way
so the rest of your day is open) and while I am still at home.  My home
number is 303.258.0906.


No worries.

In preparation for our phone conversation, could you please provide us
with the following (and please forgive us if this sounds repetitive; 
"seeing" a user's setup is the first thing any of us do when we are
given login (SSH) access to a user's machine for troubleshooting):

<as 'ldm'>


cd ~ldm

ls -alt

ls -alt bin/

ls -alt util

ls -alt var/logs

ls -alt var/queues

ls -alt var/data

ls -alt etc

ls -alt etc/TDS

NB: I am assuming that you are using the LDM configuration files that
I put together in a compressed tar file for you earlier.  Please let
me know if you (or anyone else) has made _any_ changes to any of the
files that were included in that compressed tar file.


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