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[LDM #FGZ-978731]: LDM installation and configuration at USNA

Hi Alex,

I'm currently in China, where my access to the Internet is sporadic...

> To test the installation, I picked-up with where Tom and I left off (see
> attached pdf as a reference)  <as 'ldm> I did the following:
> ldmstart
> then to just re-set, I did
> ldmadmin stop   (this took a mintue or two)
> ldmadmin delqueue
> ldmadmin mkqueue
> ldmadmin start
> Looks like LDM started fine (I think?).
> Next, to make sure it was logging correctly, I did:
> ls -alt var/logs
> cat var/logs/ldmd.log
> This command dumped a lot of information to the screen (see page 2 of
> attached pdf).  However, it looks like there are a lot of "ERROR" messages
> showing up.   Is this correct?  Is something wrong at this point with the
> configuration files?

The errors I see in the PDF you sent that contained LDM log file output
indicates that there is a problem using the 'ldmfile.sh' script that
should have been extracted from the compressed tarball that we sent
you to the ~ldm/etc/TDS/util directory.  This is puzzling.

Please send back the out put of the following commands:

<as 'ldm'>

cd ~ldm


ls -alt etc/TDS/util

ls -alt etc/TDS/decoders

ls -alt /data/ldm/pub

When we figure out why the 'ldmfile.sh' actions are not working, we
will be able to advise you how to take corrective action.

Again, my ability to respond quickly or interactively (I am in
a location that is 16 hours ahead of you) is very limited, so
troubleshooting the problems you are experiencing will take much
longer than usual.  For this I apologize!


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