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[IDD #MPQ-937932]: Local Data Manager Question

Hi John, Dan and Mary,

Mary Tyree previously wrote:
> I have been advised by Unidata that distribution of the lightning feed to
> edex would be a violation of the rules for the distribution of the
> lightning data.

I would like to qualify this statement a bit:

The agreement that all Unidata sites agree to in order to receive LDM/IDD
feeds of the NLDN lightning data specifically prohibits the redistribution
of that data outside of one's campus.  Redistribution can take many forms,
and all of them must abide by the restriction:

- access via web service
- access via a data server (e.g., TDS, ADDE, EDEX, RAMADDA, etc.)
- LDM/IDD feed
- any other mechanism by which the data can be moved outside of
  one's campus

If a site does not abide by the redistribution restriction, the free
receipt of the data is threatened for the entire Unidata university
community.  If/when it is learned that a site is not abiding by the
redistribution restriction ** that it has already agreed to ** the
feed of the data to the site via the LDM/IDD will immediately stopped
at the data source, the University of Albany.

Mary Tyree previously wrote:
> If you are feeding the data from your virtual machine to
> edex please be advised that this violates the rules.

It would violate the agreement that UCSD has already agreed to IF
the data were made available outside of the site's campus.  If EDEX
can be configured to enable access to machines solely in its campus,
then violation of the existing agreement can be avoided.  However,
it would be incumbent on the operator of the EDEX instance(s) to make
sure that those users that are accessing/using the data are not
redistributing the data themselves.

Mary Tyree previously wrote:
> I suggest if you need
> confirmation of this beyond my say so you contact Tom at Unidata support:
> It is important that you know and follow the rules for the distribution of
> the lightning data.
> There is a redistribution restriction on the lightning data. Please review
> the policies imposed on the use of the data by their respective vendors:
> Unidata HomePage
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu
> Data -> Lightning
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/data/index.html#lightning
> In the 'Data Feeds' section, you will see three tabs whose information
> content was provided by the lightning data vendors.
> The EDEX server would violate the redistribution restriction on LIGHTNING
> data.
> I can't comply with your request.

The same restrictions were put on the USPLN/NAPLN/GLN lightning
data that WSI Corporation also makes available via point-to-point
LDM/IDD datafeeds.

Just so you know, the redistribution restrictions on lightning data
were _not_ imposed by Unidata or UAlbany, they were/are imposed by the
owners of the lightning data, Vaisala for the NLDN lightning data
and WSI Corporation (part of the Weather Company which is now part
of IBM) for the USPLN/NAPLN/GLN lightning data.

Please let us know if any of the information above needs further


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