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[IDD #KUD-512290]: Backup NOAAPort source ?

Hi Rosie, Dave, Jerry, et. al,

Rosie comment:
> Sure, if you would like to install your stats script that would be great!

OK.  I will make the installations sometime today.

> We will note the amp info.

How long is your signal run?  If the run is short enough, there should be
no reason to install a line amp.  The run here at UCAR is somewhere around
or greater than 100'.

The following is for Dave:

Dave commented:

"When I rotated it back to the right place, the signal came up significantly.
It hits the limit right there so I could reset the limits tomorrow if it
looks like that would be wise."

I think that it would be a _very_ good idea to further investigate/tweak
the polarization alignment.  The reason I say this is three fold:

- currently the indicated C/Ns on each of your Novra S300Ns are hovering
  around 14 dB

  At some point in the past (over a year ago), I was told that your C/N
  was in the high 16s.

- the target for C/N in NWS WFO NOAAPort installations is 17 dB

- the UCAR dish is _much_ smaller than the SSEC dish, 3.8 m vs 6.3 m

  It seems to me that your C/N should be much better than ours, and we
  have been enjoying C/Ns >16 dB for a number of months.  During this
  time our ingest quality has been very good.

> Thanks again,

No worries.  We are very happy that your NOAAPort ingest is back as
it is one of three installations that is providing NOAAPort SBN products


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