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[LDM #CSW-815764]: back-up cluster for tomorrow

> Hi Jeff,

Hi Bonchul,

Yes, by installing the THREDDS server on the S3 bucket as we currently have 
done, it allows for costless data transfer between the S3 bucket and your EC2 
instance as long as it is in the SAME ZONE AND REGION as the S3 bucket :)

> I hope that you feel better now.
> Yes, Munsung, Witek's student working with me, got some help from Ryan May 
> and was successful to get the Level II data from THREDDS.
> I will discuss this issue (using THREDDS) with Witek and tell you where we go.
> Our basic idea was that we process the data on the cloud (e.g., Amazon) and 
> distribute rainfall products requested from customers.
> In that case, Level II data transfer from S3 to EC2 would be free as well.
> Thanks,
> Bongchul
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> Subject: [LDM #CSW-815764]: back-up cluster for tomorrow
> Hello Bongchul,
> Apologies for the delay, I was sick over the weekend and then we got hit by a 
> big snow :)
> After much discussion, Ryan May (whom I believe you have also been 
> communicating with) and I feel that the best solution for Amazon S3 bucket 
> access for NEXRAD level II data, would be to use a Unidata THREDDS Data 
> Server to negotiate the requests. It is not straightforward to do directly 
> from the S3 bucket. It can be done, but would require additional development, 
> while using a THREDDS Data Server we would be ready to go. Perhaps fine 
> tuning some Python method to do the same thing as THREDDS ~could be part of 
> the proposal, altho the THREDDS solution already exists.
> Our THREDDS server on the NEXRAD collection lives at:
> http://thredds-aws.unidata.ucar.edu/thredds/catalog.html
> ..or .xml for machine access
> Looking forward to your evaluation! :)
> > Thank you so much!
> >
> > Bongchul
> >

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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