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[IDD #ZVT-447547]: MRMS pqact entry

Hi Justin,

> For further information, here is an error I receive when using the pqact
> entry.
> Jan 14 11:17:16 localhost pqact[18599] ERROR: [filel.c:305] Deleting failed 
> PIPE entry: pid=19410, cmd="-close dcgunzip -f 
> /awips2/edex/data/manual/OPERATIONAL_NCEP_MRMS_GRIB2/2D/MergedReflectivityComposite/MRMS_MergedReflectivityComposite_00.00_20160114-153447.grib2.gz"
> Jan 14 11:17:16 localhost pqact[18599] ERROR: pipe_prodput: trying again: 
> 3463310 20160114153718.964     EXP 000 
> /data/realtime/outgoing/grib2/MRMS_MergedReflectivityComposite_00.00_20160114-153447.grib2.gz
> Jan 14 11:17:16 localhost pqact[18599] ERROR: pbuf_flush(): fd=6, cmd=(-close 
> dcgunzip -f
> /awips2/edex/data/manual/OPERATIONAL_NCEP_MRMS_GRIB2/2D/MergedReflectivityComposite/MRMS_MergedReflectivityComposite_00.00_20160114-153447.grib2.gz):
>  Broken pipe
> Jan 14 11:17:16 localhost pqact[18599] ERROR: pipe_put(): write error 
> pid=19432, cmd=(-close dcgunzip -f
> /awips2/edex/data/manual/OPERATIONAL_NCEP_MRMS_GRIB2/2D/MergedReflectivityComposite/MRMS_MergedReflectivityComposite_00.00_20160114-153447.grib2.gz)

The ERROR: messages you show are most likely indicating that the command that 
is to be
run is not being found, is not executable, or has some other kind of a problem.


- have you verified that /awips2/ldm/decoders/dcgunzip is executable
  by the user running your LDM?

  If yes, have you tested to see if you can run the script on one of the
  MRMS products that you have written to disk (e.g., via a FILE action)?

- also, have you verified that there is a <tab> character between the '-close' 
  and the fully-qualified name of your 'dcgunzip' script?

NB: please remember that if you make changes in a LDM pattern-action file, you
should do a coarse check of your editing changes before attempting to
make the newly reworked action active:

ldmadmin pqactcheck

IF OK, then run:

ldmadmin pqactHUP


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