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[IDD #MWQ-760671]: Test Feed

Hi Ziv,

> It worked! Thank you.

If re-installing the LDM resulted in a viable version of ~ldm/bin/ldmadmin,
it would mean that whatever you used to edit the file previously munged
it somehow.

Question again:

- what did you use to edit the 'ldmadmin' script previously?

  I ask because 'ldmadmin' would still benefit from adding the modification
  that changes the read/write settings on the LDM log file.

  HOWEVER, it is still possible to accomplish the 'chmod' of the LDM
  log file via a crontab entry that would be run after the one that
  rotates the log file.


  - a crontab approach, however, does not solve the need to set the
    read/write permissions on the LDM log file the first time it is

    In this case, you would need to:

    - modify the LDM registry to _not_ rotate the log file on LDM
      startup (change the <rotate></rotate> setting in ~ldm/etc/registry.xml
      from '1' to '0'

    - create the LDM log file and immediately set the permissions

      <as 'ldm'>
      cd ~ldm
      touch var/logs/ldmd.log
      chmod 666 var/logs/ldmd.log

> I have been reading through the documentation, but I
> am still confused about a few things.
> - how can I get LDM to put the data into /mnt (my ephemeral storage)?

The LDM can be broken down into two basic:

- receive and/or relay products

- do something with products that are received (or inserted into the
  LDM product queue locally)

The second basic capability is what you are asking about.  One must create
a pattern-action file action that does "something" (e.g., write to disk via
a FILE action, etc.) with products that are received.  Configure the LDM
to process the action(s) in the pattern-action file.  I make available the
scripts and pattern-action file actions we use to process NEXRAD Level 2
data.  What you do with the MRMS data (if/when it again becomes available)
will be up to you.  I strongly suggest that you read through the LDM
documentation ** especially the sections in the LDM Tutorial ** before
you proceed further:

Unidata Website

  Software -> LDM


      Version-Specific Documentation

        LDM Tutorial

> - which "crontab" file do I put the log file rotation/purging command into
> (the best looking candidates
> are /etc/crontab, /home/ldm/ldm-6.12.14/src/gribinsert/etc/crontab.ndfd,
> and /usr/bin/crontab)?

Cron entries are not created by editing a crontab file directly.  Instead, one
runs 'crontab -e' to edit one's cron entries.  The entries that we use for
rotating the LDM log files and for scouring data are:

# Rotate LDM log files
0 17 * * * bin/ldmadmin newlog
# Run the LDM scour utility
5 17 * * * bin/ldmadmin scour

The LDM scour configuration file is ~ldm/etc/scour.conf.  You need to edit
that file and setup an entry to process the top level directory and its
subdirectories where your pattern-action file action(s) are writing data.

> - You originally said the MRMS feed is down. I want to go to production
>   with this and store this data in my lab's cluster. Is MRMS still down?

Yes, we are still not receiving MRMS data products.

> Thanks!

No worries.


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