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[IDD #SPO-216795]: HRRR Data

> Hi Elliott,

Hello again, 

Yes, GSD has been having some problems...hopefully it will clear up soon:

From NOAA/GSD---

But, we've also been struggling for the last week or so with high latency for 
our ftp fetches from NCEP. This has resulted in missed RAP cycles (and 
consequently missed HRRR runs, too), because of missing or late GFS files 
needed for RAP initialization. We've been working with our network folks, NCEP, 
and others to try to fix the problem, but so far no luck.

They are working on it, once it starts flowing again, we will send it along :)

> I am seeing some issues here, let's see what we can determine...our feed 
> seems to have stopped.
> I am contacting NOAA/GSD (the source of that feed) and see what is up. Hold 
> off on calling in the cavalry, it sure might be on our end.



Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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