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[IDD #BBX-177142]: Fwd: [SSEC-TC-req #38799] aws.ssec.wisc.edu question

Hi Carol,

> We are getting no denying connection from antidd.ucar.edu. I found the
> logs in /var/log/messages.
> We are getting some from motherloade.ucar.edu
> Sep 24 16:41:57 aws ldmd[42609] NOTE: Denying connection from
> "motherlode.ucar.edu" because not allowed

Ah Ha!  This is because 'antidd' is an alias for 'motherlode', and it looks
like DNS is resolving to 'motherlode' instead of 'antidd'.

> Do you have any other ideas to change the ALLOW for antidd? Should I try
> typing in the numerical IP address?

Yes.  Please change your allow to:

ALLOW   ANY   ^(antidd|motherlode)\.ucar\.edu$  .*

and then restart the LDM on aws.ssec.wisc.edu.

After the ALLOW is cleared up, lets work on your LDM logging problem.

> Just in case you want to check your request for aws:
> aws.ssec.wisc.edu -

Our REQUEST lines to 'aws' are:

REQUEST EXP "^(USAP|ANT|ANSP)" aws.ssec.wisc.edu


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