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[IDD #ABS-452606]: bug in rtstats labels

Hi Waldenio,

> I am making contact to ask about a bug in the rtstats pages. There is
> some time that we are observing some mismatch in colors of the labels
> on top of the rtstats figures.
> You can see in the figure attached that dataflow to the machine
> "idd.cptec.inpe.br" came from the machines "ubiru.cptec.inpe.br" and
> "idd.unidata.ucar.edu" (both labels appears cut just to "ubiru.c" and
> "idd.uni").
> Moreover, appears another feed that does not exist. It says that the
> machine "idd.cptec.inpe.br" is feeding data to "idd.cptec.inpe.br" itself
> (!)

We are aware of the inconsistency in reporting of fully qualified names
of upstream connections.

> We tried to update the ldm to the last version (6.12.9), but these issues
> were not solved. These fails cause real problems, since the tracking of
> the feeds became very difficult.

We will look into the matter sometime soon.  We have been under the
impression that the priority of fixing this problem was low.  Your
inquiry suggests that we need to implement a fix sooner than we


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Ticket ID: ABS-452606
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