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[IDD #BTW-355273]: Access to weather data via Internet2

> Hello Jeff & all:

Hello Adam, 

> I would first like to understand the network and whether and how an LDM node 
> would benefit our research. I read from the site that LDM provides access to 
> realtime sensor data but not to archival and longitudinal data. I think that 
> access to archival type of data such as sources listed here: 
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/data/data.centers.html might be more useful, at 
> least at first, to the types of research that we are completing.

Yes, the Unidata Program Center provides -realtime- data, we are not an archive 
center. We DO maintain a rolling 30 day archive to help folks out in the case 
of hardware or network issues or failures.

> I am particularly interested in access to archival data via the NetCDS tools. 
> It appears that we would be able to pull data from a variety of sources 
> including weather, CDC data, etc.

I assume you mean NetCDF..netCDF is a data format, and using netCDF tools can 
be quite handy. Keep in mind, netCDF tools work with netCDF datasets. Not all 
of the data in archive centers is in netCDF format, so it would be best to 
identify the data you are hoping to use, then check the format it is in. We can 
do some conversions into netCDF, but we cannot handle ALL data types. 

> You are speaking to an extreme newbie to this research ecosystem. I 
> appreciate if you have any resources that would get me started so that I can 
> ask folks like you the correct questions and not waste your time (perhaps I 
> can only hope to waste as little of your time as possible). The faculty who I 
> work for have wonderful knowledge in their respective areas of expertise. But 
> I have found that they and their research assistants are wasting a lot of 
> time copying and pasting data from web sources. The promise of your systems 
> are that we can programmatically access the same data sources that those web 
> sites are using. That means my faculty can spend their time doing more 
> meaningful tasks.

Thank you for considering our time, we are here to support the university 
community, so we are here for you :)

Let's start with identifying what you hope/plan to do and with what data sets, 
and then we can provide more useful guidance
on how to proceed.

> Respectfully,
> Adam
> M. Adam Klemann, M.S.
> Support and Infrastructure Manager, Adjunct Instructor
> Information Technologies & Media Services - Malone University
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Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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