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[IDD #KAR-675101]: NEXRAD2 data

Hi Terri,

> FYI: the same thing is happening to our machine 
> "shavano.globalweathercorp.com" on all
> the products we request from idd (same is true on longs: all products, not 
> just NEXRAD2).


There is something very weird going on on all of our idd.unidata.ucar.edu 
nodes -- the special hacks we made in /etc/hosts to add a fully qualified name
for the IP addresses of your machines stopped working for some unknown reason.
Because of this, I just hardwired ALLOWs for both of your machines on one of
the idd.unidata.ucar.edu real server backend machines, uni19.unidata.ucar.edu.
In order for this hardwire to take effect, I had to restart the LDM on uni19,
and the load average is now just under 40 (we do not like to restart the LDMs
on our cluster nodes because the load average skyrockets upon restart because
of the number of downstream connections that each node supports (LOTS)).

I see that REQUESTs from sta-204-144-140-178.rockynet.com (which is 'longs') are
now being honored on uni19, so one of your machines is getting fed data again.
If it is critical to get feed REQUESTs from shavano working quickly, I advise
you to change the REQUEST lines on shavano to point to uni19.unidata.ucar.edu.
Be aware, however, that the ALLOW I instituted on uni19 will be removed once
we can figure out why what we had in place started failing.  Mike will need
to do this, but he is currently flying back from AMS in Phoenix, so I can not
contact him at the moment.  I will send him an email so that he is alerted to
the problem in hopes that he can work on this tomorrow.


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