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[IDD #IVG-583515]: RE: EXT :20141114: NOAAPort relay Machine Set up at NG

Hi Heather,

re: current connection to NG relay is marginal
> I will forward this on to our Network Admin and see what he has to say.

Very good.

FYI: I do not know if the slowness of the test feed to gale.unidata.ucadr.edu
is a function of the security imposed on this connection, or if it is a
function of the security of the connection between the relay and your
NOAAPort ingest machine.  What I do know, is that the volume of data being
fed off of the new relay is on the order of 50% of the volume of the
feeds being populated by NOAAPort ingesters.

> Also: Do you have a write-up from your Sys Admin on what exactly the
> LDM needs to run and the security of the system?


What is needed:

- connection to running LDM via port 388 hopefully without any
  "packet shaping" (artificial limitation on traffic)


- Wright Patterson AFB ran a security audit on the LDM within the
  past year.  Issues that they brought to our attention were addressed
  by code modifications that met their security criteria.

- the LDM is used by the U.S. NWS to collect and disseminate NEXRAD Level
  2 (full volume scan) radar data in real-time

- Raytheon has bundled the LDM with AWIPS-II for use at NWS WFOs

  They also bundled our NOAAPort ingest package (now part of the LDM
  installation) with AWIPS-II.

- NASA uses the LDM for internal distribution of weather data

- the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers uses the LDM for collecting and
  redistributing weather data

- the LDM is used by weather services in several countries to collect
  and redistribute weather data (e.g., Canada, Brazil, China, South
  Korea, Taiwan)

- the LDM is being used by a variety of commercial entities for collection
  and redistribution of weather data (e.g., The Weather Company (which owns
  WSI, The Weather Underground, etc.), Baron Services, Universal Weather & 
  Inc., etc.

- the LDM/IDD is the primary vehicle used by the U.S. atmospheric science
  community for the collection of real-time weather data for use in
  education and research

- to our knowledge, there has never been a successful hack of the
  LDM system

> Thanks, and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Thanksgiving was great!!  I hope you had as much fun as I did :-)


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