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[IDD #KZT-246763]: Fwd: LIGHTNING Feed for WIFIRE

Hi Mary,

> Good to hear from you and as always you have just the perfect answer for my
> questions!

Excellent!  I always like to hear that I didn't muck things up too badly :-)

> Thanks for making the contact update - we (ok, really you!) are keeping the
> aeolus ldm feed afloat!

No worries.

> aeolus is very long in the tooth but plenty of interest in keeping this
> feed going so appreciate your support.

No worries.

> I did update the ldmd.conf file and I'll contact John about updating his
> feed to receive the data.
> Question - do I need to restart ldm ?

Yes, absolutely.  For any change made in ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf to take
effect, one must stop and restart the LDM.  I just did this for you:

<as 'ldm' on aeolus>
ldmadmin restart

Restarting is not needed, however, when changes are made in pattern-action
file actions.  When one makes a change in an existing, active pattern-action
file, all that is needed for the new/modified action to be used is:

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin pqactcheck            <- verify that there are no typos, etc.
                                  correct any mistakes and run again
ldmadmin pqactHUP              <- send a HUP signal telling all 'pqact'
                                  invocations to reread their pattern-
                                  action files

> Hope you have a great weekend!

Thanks, you too.  It looks to be another incredible weekend here in the
Colorado foothills (I live at 8150' in the foothills above Boulder).
Indian summer is my favorite time of the year (along with snowy winters
when skiing is good :-)


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