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[IDD #LRB-829354]: Issues with product-queue

Hi Tim,

re: 'root' ownership of directory where LDM is to make its queue

> Okay thanks!

No worries.

> However, now that I ran ldmadmin start then ldmadmin watch I get the
> following and it doesn't change:
> (Type ^D when finished)

This shows that you are not receiving data.  The place to look for
clues as to what is going on is the LDM log file, ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log.
If this file does not exist or is zero length, it means that logging
is not setup properly.

> Also, when running ldmadmin check, I get the following:
> Checking for a running LDM system...
> Checking the system clock...
> The system clock is more than 10 seconds off, which is specified by
> registry parameter "/check-time/limit".
> You should either fix the problem (recommended) or disable time-checking
> by executing the command "regutil -u 0 /check-time/enabled" (not
> recommended).
> Is this a separate topic from the queue?

Yes.  The system clock on machines running LDMs should be kept accurate, and
this is typically done by use of the 'ntpd' daemon.  The LDM checks
to see if your clock is within 10 seconds (by default) of being correct
(as determined by 'ntpdate'), and if it is outside of this bound, you
get informed.

> Are these two problems related?

No, not at all.


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