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[IDD #LNT-232690]: Re: 20130422: Hi and IP Change

Hi Marcial,

> How are you?

I'm doing well, thanks, and you?

> I only write to ask you for something... I got to change that.


> How is Boulder these days? I bet it is great.

Boulder has been unusually cool and wet this spring/summer.  Nothing to
complain about, mind you, it has been _very_ nice!

> The people from Peru told me they changed the public IP again, they
> change ISP every year. The new one is: . Can you help me
> updating it?
> I know you are very busy. If there is someone that can help me with this,
> instead of boring you with it let me know. Than being said... I enjoy
> bothering you from time to time.

I just added an entry in the /etc/hosts file for each real server backend
of the Unidata top level IDD relay custer, idd.unidata.ucar.edu.  The
changes should have taken effect by now, so REQUEST(s) from the machine
in Peru should be honored.  Please let us know if you seen any problems.

> My last year of the PhD starts this September. I plan to go to Costa
> Rica and work for the University for a while and give back something from
> what they gave me.

That's very nice!

> But I would NOT mind spending some time in beautiful
> Boulder.

Who would!?  :-)

I will be looking at post-docs around the place sometime next
> year; if this happens we can go for a beer every now and then.

Absolutely.  Please keep me informed about your status.

By the way, is there any chance that you might be available for the
training that Rosario is putting together for Unidata packages to be
used by Central American forecasters?  The last exchange that Rosario
and I had on the scheduling of the training was for early December
of this year.

> Hope to see you soon,

I concur!


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