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[IDD #GXK-220586]: WMO Data/NLDN Access

Hi Warren,

> I am running LDM to decode data for AWIPS and noticed that several WMO
> products listed in the pqact are not being filed, leading me to assume
> that there is another feed outside of what we are requesting for NWS
> polygons and surface obs.

I would be surprised if this were the case.  The reason I say this is that
the NOAAPort SBN was created by NOAA/NWS as the vehicle for delivering
the great majority of content used by AWIPS then and AWIPS-II now.  Since
the content of the HDS, IDS|DDPLUS, NGRID, NIMAGE, and NEXRAD3 datastreams
originate from the NOAAPort SBN ** without exclusion of any products **,
the product(s) you want/need should be available in the IDD (assuming,
of course, that they are delivered in NOAAPort).

> Our current request entries are:
> REQUEST IDS|DDPLUS|NEXRAD2|HDS|NIMAGE ".*" idd.meteo.psu.edu

OK.  This is not the full set of NOAAPort products, but is
very close.  Replacing NEXRAD2 with NEXRAD3 and adding NGRID would
result in you getting everything that a WFO would get.

> On another note, are we already allowed for the LIGHTNING feed,
> or do we need to accept terms of use to receive approval?

The two sources of data in the LIGHTNING feed (UAlbany for NLDN
and WSI for USPLN/NAPLN/GLN) provide point-to-point feeds of their
lightning products.  End-users are required to contact these
sources to arrange for getting their data.  The contacts for
each of the source sites is listed in the lightning pages
on our web site:

Unidata HomePage

  Data -> Lightning Data

    North American Precision Lightning Network (NAPLN)

    National Lightning Data Network (NLDN)

You will be required by each of the source sites to stipulate that
you/your university will abide by their terms of use (which includes,
but is not limited to non-redistribution/use of the data outside of
your campus).  Failure to comply with the terms of use for either/both
of these datasets could result in their loss for all Unidata
educational community members!

> Thanks,

No worries.


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