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[IDD #DQQ-790553]: Request for help with LDM setup

Hi Wes,

> I get the same non-response from the UCAR Unidata site, yes.

This seems to indicate that the outbound connection attempt is being
blocked at your end.  Our end is open for connections on port 388
and your machine is ALLOWed.

re: login
> Sure.  I believe a SSH login shouldn't be a problem.  I'll change the
> password once we get it figured out.

I'm in.

I verified that I can not contact the LDM on idd.unidata.ucar.edu using
'ldmping' or 'notifyme'.  The next test that I would run would be to
telnet to port 388 to see what happens (it would test access to port
388), but telnet is not installed on your CentOS 6.4 x86_64 system.

I just tried 'sudo su -' as ;ldm', but 'ldm' is not in the sudoers
file.  You will likely see indications of this failed attempt as
it is a security breach, but it was me trying to become 'root' to
run some more tests.

Here is something else:  I can not ping idd.unidata.ucar.edu from
your machine.  Since idd.unidata.ucar.edu is configured to respond
to pings, this says that the firewall(s) on your machine/in your
department/on your campus are configured to block outbound requests
to a wide variety of ports (e.g., 388 which is used by the LDM, etc.).
I suggest the course of action at this point is to contact your
network person/group and explain what you are experiencing.

Another thing: while logged in as 'ldm', I took the opportunity to
check to see if LDM logging was setup correctly on your machine - it
is not.  What is needed to get LDM logging working is to turn off

as 'root':

change in etc/selinux/config:




You will need to reboot to make this change active.

The other thing that has not yet been setup is a start on boot script
for the LDM (e.g., /etc/init.d/ldmd).  I could help you do this, but
I would need 'root' privilege to make the needed changes.  If you decide
that you are willing to have us (likely me) make the changes we see that
are needed, you can call and give me the 'root' password (303.497.8642).
If you do not feel comfortable doing this, no worries.  We can advise
your system administrator on what needs to be done.


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