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[IDD #KOV-575304]: NEXRAD2 data

Hi John,

> Sorry for taking a while to get back to you.  Our offices were closed for two 
> days due
> to a blizzard (irony?).

:-)  It has been a LONG winter for lots of folk throughout the US.

> I think the data are now coming in (I'll need to check with the primary user 
> of that
> feed to be sure), but our ingestor is still running a load factor around 10.

I am surprised by the high load average on your ingestor since we don't see 
like that on the several machines on which we are ingesting of the data flowing 
in the


- what are the specs for your ingest machine?

> I've got X
> turned off, have commented out every entry in pqact.conf on that box, and 
> it's still
> sweating.

I would say that there is definitely something wrong ** assuming ** of course 
the machine is not really old.

> We've got a bunch of down-stream processing boxes set up to pull various
> feeds from that box and do all the post-processing on them.  Does that sound 
> reasonable?

Yes, it does.


- what action(s) are you using to process the Level II data?


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