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[IDD #SZD-475204]: Real-time WFO data

Hi Robert,

> Background: I'm an independent developer working on some (I hope)
> cool-and-useful weather notification service apps, primarily for mobile
> use. The CAP RSS feeds provided by the NWS [0] are my ideal format, but
> those feeds are only updated ~2 mins; I'm looking for data as near
> real-time as possible, preferably via a push service. Which led me,
> ultimately, to the IDD page. [1]


> What can you tell me about the IDD product suite?

The IDD carries all of the content of the NOAAPort SBN plus additional
sources of data (e.g., high resolution model output from NCEP in the
CONDUIT feed; NEXRAD Level II radar data; lightning data from Vaisala
(NLDN) relayed by UAlbany and from WSI (USPLN) relayed by WSI (both
of these feeds are restricted to U.S. university IDD participants!);
FNMOC model output; CMC GEM model output; GOES satellite image
sectors; etc.).

> Are there client-agnostic
> feeds available that would provide something like what I'm looking for?

The formats of the various data products relayed in the IDD are based
on international standards (WMO, GRIB, GRIB2, McIDAS AREA, etc.).  As such
they may be viewed as being "client-agnostic".  The client will, however,
have to understand and be able to handle these formats.

> I'm
> a reasonably technical guy, so if it came down to it I could manage setting
> up an LDM instance - but I'd really rather not,

We offer no method other than LDM for near real-time delivery of data.

> and I have no idea what upstream LDM I'd use (or qualify to use) anyway.

You would need to create a relationship with an existing IDD participant
that would be willing and able to provide you with the feed(s) that you

> Thoughts?

If the data available in the NOAAPort SBN is of great interest to you,
you could install and operate your own NOAAPort reception system.  We
bundle our NOAAPort ingest code with the LDM, and both are available
free-of-charge to all.  The good thing about running your own NOAAPort
ingest system is that you would be getting the data at the same time
as the NSF Forecast offices (the NOAAPort SBN is the vehicle that the
NWS runs to provide data to those offices).  The bad news is that you
would need to administer the system yourself, and that can be more or
less of a chore depending on where you are located and what kinds of
weather your location is apt to experience.

> Thanks in advance!

No worries.  Best of luck in your endeavors!


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