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[IDD #OXC-480822]: Re: text bulletins

> Hey there,

Hi Adam, 

> Just wondering how exactly I go about getting raw text bulletins from
> Environment Canada through Unidata?
> Do I need to setup a LDM feed or is there some html way of doing it?

The LDM would be the best way to insure completeness and have it arrive 
as it was issued, but if you prefer the browser there are options. :)

Of course I am sure you are aware of EC's own site that distributes their
own text messages at:

i.e. this page for warnings:


Alternatively, we "webify" the text products broadcast over the US SBN 
and those can be found at:


Unfortunately there are not any services behind the text collection, so you 
will need to parse out the 
bulletins you desire.

> Thank you for your time.
> - Adam
Hope this helps, 

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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