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[IDD #VRK-635010]: idd data

Hi Marck,

I just noticed that I inadvertently overlooked your last message in the
exchange we had been having about NMHS being fed textual data available
in the Unidata IDD.  I apologize for this oversight!

> Maybe we should just try the text data and see how it goes.

The global observation data (textual data relayed in the LDM/IDD IDS|DDPLUS
datastream) is a good starting point for testing how much data you can
receive via your 10 Mbps network connection.

> Gempak seems to be really
> more tailored to receive the ids datastream compared to the gifs datastream.

"gifs datastream"?  I am not sure what this is exactly.

> I managed to write some scripts to get the wafs grib dataset from wifs and 
> display it as
> gfs in gempak. We are running wrfems also for the local region and that is 
> ingested
> easily in gempak. Therefore I believe I have the model data covered for 
> gempak purposes.


> Our Public IP is and is a Static IP Address assigned by our 
> ISP and we do
> not have a DMZ available. We do have a Firewall that is configured with port 
> forwarding.
> NOAA uses the for the SSL VPN.

All LDM/IDD dataflows are initiated by the downstream machine.  The requirement,
therefore, is that the firewall at the downstream's site allow outbound traffic
on port 388.  I am not sure if your firewall will support that; some simple 
will need to be done to figure out what works and what doesn't.

> I can assign another static ip also that can be used just for IDS for example
> This will be a dedicated unix box outside the firewall.

We can setup a special ALLOW for you machine at for testing
only.  What you will need to do is:

- register with the Unidata website
- download, build and install the most recent version of the LDM on
  your *nix machine
- after the LDM is installed on your machine, we will then implement
  a temporary ALLOW for your machine here in Unidata
- after the temporary ALLOW is in-place, we will need to work together
  to determine if a REQUEST from your machine will make it through
  your firewall

Again, many apologies for not responding to you before now!


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