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[LDM #LTH-228651]: METAR Stations in LDM Feed

Hi Arturo,

> I have been searching online for descriptions of METAR files available
> in the IDD through LDM feeds. I was able to configure my pqact file to
> obtain files using the following statement
> IDS|DDPLUS ^SAUS.. (....) (..)(..)
> IDS_DDPLUS/\1/(\2:yyyy)(\2:mm)(\2:dd)T\3.txt

The regular expression you are using, '^SAUS.. (....) (..)(..)' is overly
restrictive; you will not process all METARs using this pattern.

> I noticed that 60 different folders get created and I according to
> description of FILE action any new data arriving will get appended
> to the first txt file created.  I have found a list of the different
> METAR stations in the US, but I can't figure out if only 60 stations
> are available in the IDD

No, there are lots more sites reporting METARs than this, and they are
definitely in the IDD IDS|DDPLUS datastream.

> or these 60 stations disseminate data for other stations within their
> region. I have tried searching online without success. Any guidance will
> be appreciated.
> Thank you very much

Change your pattern to:

WMO     ^S[AP].... (....) (..)(..)


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