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[IDD #UGW-571113]: IDD / CONDUIT access via ldm

Hi Mike, 

> Thanks for the response, Jeff.  I can appreciate your/Unidata's position in 
> this.  Prior to coming to Iberdrola, I worked for several years in the world 
> of academic research.  I'm pretty certain that either of your possible 
> options would be completely fine with us.
> I have a question.  Would it be acceptable for us to utilize one of our 
> educational/research partners as an upstream ldm feed?  Obviously they would 
> have to agree to that, but I think they might if we knew definitively that it 
> was allowable.  I haven't found any prohibitions against this on the Unidata 
> web site - but I haven't done an extensive review, and it might be part of 
> the agreement that the educational users have to enter.  I know they would 
> not be able to pass on certain products (ie, ACARS), but we would really only 
> want the publicly available model output and observations.

That is a great solution, and one we encourage and that has been implemented 
many times. 

You nailed it, they CANNOT pass on ANY restricted feeds i.e. LIGHTNING, ACARS 
but are free to do as they
wish with the public data once it hits their machine. Unidata would expect that 
the partnering edu/research institution would support your LDM use, but of 
course our user lists are open to everyone :) 

i.e ldm-users


Hope this helps, 

> Thanks again,
> Mike

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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