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[IDD #VRK-635010]: idd data

Hi Marck,

re: what does NMHS stand for?
> National Meteorological and Hydrological Services.

Very good.

> I was just wondering if the data can be made available for example for 
> meteorological
> services outside the USA or is it mainly for Universities in the US.

The IDD has many non-U.S. university participants; participation is not 
to U.S. universities.  Our office (Unidata Program Center/UCAR) typically does
not provide feeds to users outside of our core constituency ** unless ** there
is a measurable benefit to the Unidata community at-large.  There are, however,
universities participating in Unidata that have been willing to provide feeds
to non-traditional community members.

Several questions come to mind:

- which IDD datastreams are you interested in receiving?

- is there sufficient network bandwidth into Aruba/your organization that
  would support receipt of the data you are interested in?

- is your organization facile in use of Unix/Linux for data processing

  Many sites use Microsoft Windows exclusively and have literally
  no experience in use of *nix systems.  The LDM, the backbone of the
  IDD, runs on *nix systems only.

- would a machine on which you would run an LDM to participate in the
  IDD have both forward and reverse DNS (i.e., name -> IP AND IP -> name)?

  This is a requirement for participation in LDM-to-LDM transfers since
  the LDM mechanism for allowing/denying REQUESTs from downstream sites
  relies on the ability to translate the IP address that accompanies the
  REQUEST(s) into a fully-qualified machine name.

- how did you become aware of the IDD (just curious :-)


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