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[IDD #VYN-104801]: please help a gempak user on weather ?

Hi Brandon, Ed and Brian,

Brandon wrote:
> my understanding is that nobody at RSMAS uses GEMPAK to display
> the area(?) files anymore.

OK, that was Brian's understanding also.

> i still process the GOES East IR area(?) files with McIDAS commands.
> e.g.
> imgremap.k RTIMAGES/GE-IR MYDATA/IMAGES.3000 LAT=27.5 60 SSIZE=ALL SIZE=1526 
> 2220 PRO=RECT RES=4 DAY=2013240 TIME=00:45
> imgremap.k: No images satisfy the selection criteria
> imgremap.k: Failed to open source directory


re: 2) does someone there know enough about McIDAS to reconfigure the ADDE
> dataset definitions?
> i don't think we know what we are doing !  :)

:-)  Welcome to the group!

OK, here is what I have found wrt ADDE dataset definitions for UNIWISC
and NIMAGE images on weather.rsmas.miami.edu:

- all of the ADDE dataset definitions that I have checked via remote
  access to weather are correct; they are pointing to the images
  being filed under the /data/ldm/mcidas/images subdirectories

Given this, it is my impression that the failure that is being
experienced by Brandon (and others?) is due to ADDE dataset defintions
in his own account.  There are two ways to fix this problem:

1) fix all ADDE dataset definitions in each user's account that
   is being used for McIDAS processing

   This is the hard way to solve the problem!

2) "point" to the external ADDE interface on weather for standard

   This is my recommended solution.

Here is what to do to implement 2):

<login to the account in which you are trying to run McIDAS commands>
-- IF you have defined your McIDAS environment in the way recommended
   in the Unidata McIDAS-X User's Guide do the following:

dataloc.k ADD RTIMAGES weather.rsmas.miami.edu
dataloc.k ADD GINIEAST weather.rsmas.miami.edu
dataloc.k ADD GINIWEST weather.rsmas.miami.edu
dataloc.k ADD GINICOMP weather.rsmas.miami.edu

The DATALOC invocations (via the actual executable ~mcidas/bin/dataloc.k)
will update a table in your environment (presists in a disk file) that
McIDAS users to know where to go to get data in the named dataset (e.g.,
RTIMAGES, GINIEAST, GINIWEST and GINICOMP in the above examples)

If you have not setup your account(s) to use McIDAS in the way described
in the Unidata McIDAS-X User's Guide, I can either make the setup changes
for you (I have 'root' access on 'weather'), or I can walk you through
the process.

Please let me know if/when you have questions on my comments above.


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