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[IDD #XYT-473297]: IP address change SUNY Oswego

Hi Steven,

re: testing to see if turning off a REQUEST to a non-existent feed site

> All looks good as the LDM has been ingesting data for a couple of
> hours and the ldmd.log is error free.


> I anticipated the feed error with
> idd.cise-nsf.gov as the culprit but why didn't the LDM resort to getting
> data from only idd.unidata.ucar.edu.

I don't understand why a feed REQUEST to a machine that does not respond
would have any effect on other feed REQUESTs.  We'll have to chew on this
one to see if anything makes sense.

> Additional questions:
> Should I set idd.meteo.psu.edu as the primary in ldmd.conf?

The PRIMARY/SECONDARY designation on LDM feed REQUESTs have no effect
for recent/current LDM installations.  The LDM auto shifts connections
to upstreams that REQUEST the same set of products so that the one
that is fastest operates in PRIMARY mode and the one(s) that are slower
operate in SECONDARY mode.  So, you should not have to worry about
the PRIMARY/SECONDARY designation on feed REQUESTs.


- I don't believe that you have said which LDM version you are using/
  intending to use on your new machine.  We would have this information
  if real-time statistics were being reported, but they are not (yet,
  at least).

  What LDM version are you/will you be using?

> Should we pursue getting rtstats to correctly send status info?

Yes.  This helps us help you troubleshoot problems.


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