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[IDD #MWI-552386]: commercial purchase of NEXRAD LDM feed/data

Hi Andy,

> I'm just curious;  we're a commercial agency looking to obtain Nexrad
> Level II data via LDM.  Do you guys provide this as a service, by any
> chance?

No, sorry.  We are funded to serve the university community, so that
is where our focus lies.

There are sites from which you can get NEXRAD Level II data via an
LDM feed:

Purdue University
ERC Broadband

I think if you do a web search using NEXRAD Level II combined with
one/all of the names above, you will find their contact information.

> We're not an educational institution, we're a commercial company
> (if that matters).

OK.  Actually, it does matter for us.  Again, our focus is the university
community.  Many commercial, governmental and NGOs are able to take
advantage of the software that we have developed and services we provide,
but we must stop at full support of commercial entities when there is
not a demonstrable benefit to our community at-large.


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