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[IDD #HVD-148444]: Weather Observation Stream

Hi James,

> Great. Thanks Jeff. Thanks for all your help on a Friday afternoon.
> This feed is much more real-time than my previous source. This is a
> great resource.
> My previous experience was using a netCDF product on a 25 minute interval.


> Do you have any suggestion on programs to convert or parse the text products?
> Or is it just standard to write a unique parser for the data that is required?
> I guess ultimately I am hoping to route the data to a Postgresql database.

None of the software packages we support decode (parse) the data you are
interested in and write it into a Postgres database.  If you are not
locked into this approach, you may be interested in using GEMPAK:

Unidata HomePage

  Software -> GEMPAK

I think that GEMPAK has a decoder for the data you are interested in,
but I can not guarantee this.

The other thing you could do is join one or more of the topical email
lists that we maintain and post a message on it(them) to see if
anyone in the Unidata community is processing the data you are
interested in in the same way that you want (i.e., Postgres).

You can (un)subscribe to any/all of the email lists that we maintain
online at:

Unidata HomePage

  Support -> Mailing lists

Click on the Subscribe tab in the last page and select the email
list(s) of interest.  The list that may be your best bet is 'ldm-users'.


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